vLoc-DM2 (Pipeline Defect Mapper)


Category: Testing of pipe insulation and troubleshooting
Made in: United States of America
Manufacturer: Vivax-Metrotech Inc

The vLoc-DM2 is the latest generation of non-destructive testing systems to inspect, troubleshoot and evaluate pipeline coverage.
The system provides a wide range of low-frequency currents with a power of 150 watts, making it possible to perform damping tests in a variety of conditions.
Full inspection of ACVG, DCVG, specifying the exact location of the fault and evaluating the coverage of other points, drawing a flow map in Realtime, Real position, with usability in transmission and distribution lines, deepening and reading continuously, long-distance routing, memory Internal storage with 1000 points is one of the capabilities of this device.
The vLoc-DM2 device is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth and specialized software.

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