Free Annual Services

All manufactured products of the company have an annual free service, which is annually notified to all customers. All below technical services are provided free of charge:

1. Physical and appearance checking
2. Operational and performance testing of devices in each sector
3. Accuracy testing and device calibration
4. Issuing the certificate of test, performance validation and calibration on request of customers
5. Software updating
6. Field testing and field performance verification

Any physical defects, fractures and tears in the device or any electronic hardware flaws requiring the replacement of parts or electronic modules are estimated to be incurred and after notification and approval of the customer would be repaired and serviced with the minimum cost.

Annual Service Time: April 1st to May 1st.
Shipping Address: Technical Support, Research and Technology Development Department
Unit 2, 1st Floor, No.1, Fatemi dead end alley, Habib Zadegan St., Azadi St., Tehran, Iran.
Phone: 021-88909577 ext. 101 & 102.
Fax: 021-88906654

If you send devices by mail or any type of shipping, the bill of lading will be required to send us by email or fax.