Metal Pipe & Cable Locator

Metal line routing equipment, water, gas and oil pipeline metal detectors, fiber optic cable finders with metal shields and telecommunication cables and low and medium voltage cables, oil cable finder buried deep in the soil. The most modern metal detector systems for routing, determining the exact depth, target display and transferring information to GIS software


GPR, Non-Metal Pipe & Cable Locator

The most modern imaging systems and subsurface scanners. Submarine detection with radar, microwave and acoustic technology provided by the world’s top brands. The most complete equipment for cable detection of non-metallic lines (polyethylene) and imaging systems from inside concrete with the possibility of two-dimensional and three-dimensional imaging with GIS software output



The best oil and gas pipe insulation troubleshooting equipment offers troubleshooting systems for covering buried pipes in the soil provided by the most reputable brands in the world.


Metal Detector

The leading manufacturer of installation metal detectors in the country and the exporter of this category of products offers a complete variety of installation metal detectors with different technologies and capabilities.


EMS (Electronic Marker System)

Significant points marking network facilities, replacing color markings and physical markings, safe with a lifespan of more than 50 years without the use of batteries and can be detected under debris and soil to a depth of more than 2 meters


Water Leak Detectors

Manufacturer and official representative of FUJITECOM Inc. Japan offers the most modern NRW leak detection and reduction equipment with acoustic, radio, lager and neutral gas technology.



In order to document, report, analyze data and manage detection activities and instrumentation, the best software for detection and instrumentation is provided.


Test and Measurment System

The most equipped and accurate equipment for measuring the parameters of pressure, flow, volume, height, thickness, etc. Modern products of the company with unique facilities and in line with the latest technology in the world.


Industrial Cases

Industrial bags and cases, waterproof and shockproof bags with the lightest resistant resins. Industrial luxury bags and cases in a variety of colors and sizes with special services for designing interior foams