FARAYAND ARGHAM PARDAZ Ltd. Co. (Knowledge Based Company)

The Leader of Underground Detection & Utility Instrument

Specialized technical and engineering services

Production and supply of professional equipment for surface detection and instrumentation

Utilizing the world’s latest knowledge and experience in using a variety of systems, the company has the most up-to-date and professional cable line equipment for metal and non-metallic lines, GPR radar scanners, NDT equipment, water network leak detectors and monitoring systems. Provides marker and markers of installation network, installation metal detectors, measurement systems and pipe finders and pipe insulators.

Leading and leading industry precision facility industry

With more than 18 years of brilliant experience and close cooperation with the world’s top manufacturers and research centers, today this company has become one of the top producers and suppliers in the country and the Middle East region. We are a leading expert and leader in the industry by revealing the specialized knowledge of the industry of revealing and reducing water wastage and creating innovative products and processes with a complete basket of solutions and products.


professional Consultation

With our experienced and specialized staff with more than 18 years of specialized experience and cooperation with the world’s top production and research companies, we will be eager to be a reliable and scientific consultant for your projects. Implementation of IFC (Issue for Comment) and Advice on Action Plan Design


Implementation of leak detection and leak detection projects

Farayand Zamin Pardaz Company (Private Joint Stock Company) as the executive arm of this company with specialized staff and the best equipment in the world and under the supervision of Fujitecom Inc. Japan and Farayand Argham Pardaz Company, as a shareholder with a brilliant and unique history, will be the executor of your disclosure projects. www.fzp-co.com


Technology Research and Development Center and Technical Support

With the aim of achieving the best solutions and realizing the industrial projects required by the country’s facility industry, the Research and Technology Development Unit of Danesh Bonyan Pardaz Arqam Pardaz Company has implemented valuable projects in line with the country’s needs and is also ready to conclude NDA contracts for review. And invest in offers.


Seminars and training courses on instrumentation

In order to exchange information and experiences and improve the level of scientific and operational knowledge, take advantage of the company’s free theoretical and practical training courses. With the aim of establishing a specialized training center for the country’s subsurface facilities, the company’s specialized training unit will soon be set up with the use of Iranian and foreign professors and specialists. www.fap-training.com

FARAYAND ARGHAM PARDAZ - Production-based knowledge

The Leader of Underground Detection & Utility Instrument
A world of difference, infinite innovation

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