Farayand Argham Pardaz Company (Ltd.) was registered in Tehran in 2001 in the field of design and production of sub-surface detection systems and electronic instrumentation devices. Based on expertise of the company founders on electromagnetic science and digital electronics, FAP Company quickly succeeded in providing more than 6 types of metal detectors and 3 types of pipe and cable locators in the installation network market. FAP Company, as the first manufacturer of pipe and cable locators in Iran, has grown rapidly in this market and in order to develop and complete the portfolio of its products and services has been able to receive the representation of the world’s most reputable brands on detecting and measuring instruments in the installations network.

Now thanks to the God and perseverance and the efforts of the managers and personnel, FAP Company acts as a knowledge based company and produces high-tech systems under the operation license of Ministry of Industry and Mines. FAP Company is proud of its vast investment on research and development department to design and generate the most modern metal detector equipment, markers locators and electronic markers of installation network, digital pipe and cable locators and water acoustic leak detectors. Farayand Argham Pardaz Company is a Knowledge based company and is acting with innovative view in order to achieve the knowledge of design and different qualified systems. We are thankful of the support of our policy makers, managers and customers as a domestic and indigenous manufacturer. With the best wishes to the prestigious land of our dear Iran.